Millville, New Jersey.        Board members of the Barbara Cook Cancer Foundation (BCCF), which has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to area cancer organizations during its 6-year existence, have agreed to evolve its 501(c)(3) organization into the Bill Bottino Cancer Foundation. The change will take place immediately, and upon the finalization of the paperwork.

BCCF Chairman Bob Karan stated, “We are very excited to hand the reigns over of the Barbara Cook Cancer Foundation to the Bottino family, who have been very instrumental in the success of our donation efforts.” Karan, who was one of the founding members of the Barbara Cook Cancer Foundation exclaimed, “The Bottino family fit our mission perfectly from the very beginning of us establishing the mud run, and they helped take the fundraising way beyond anything we could have imagined.” Karan continued, “The Bottino family and Bottino ShopRite stores have accounted for a majority of the moneys raised over the last several years and it is only befitting they can now take the recognition of this fundraising effort in honor of their beloved brother, father, husband and uncle, Bill Bottino. We feel blessed that this is taking place.”

Pat Bottino, brother of Bill Bottino, speaking on behalf of the Bottino family noted, “From the very beginning, we really liked what the Barbara Cook Cancer Foundation stood for, especially the fact that it was an all volunteer organization that donated all of its proceeds to cancer organizations. It has been great to be a part of their efforts and we look forward to continuing their main mission of raising money for area cancer organizations while honoring the life of Bill Bottino. We plan to make a difference when it comes to cancer care services locally.”

Plans for 2016 have been announced with the annual Bill Bottino Mud Run event scheduled for September 17th at the Cumberland County Fairgrounds in Millville, NJ. For details, visit

About Bill Bottino

Bill Bottino was diagnosed with lung cancer in June 2005 and within just nine months lost his courageous fight in March 2006. Bill taught the Bottino family many things in life. He taught — Family was business and business was family; that you work hard at both never taking either one for granted. He was a simple man who worked hard and lived an honest life. Bill enjoyed hunting and golfing with his brothers and friends, but family was always most important. He cherished his time spent with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Bill Bottino was many things to many people – a loving husband, a good son, a dedicated father, brother and friend. He always took the role as a strong leader in his family, together with his older brother he guided his siblings through hard times and taught them how to survive. This was a role Bill was very proud of and because of his kind unselfish manner he continued to lead and guide his family personally and professionally.

As President and CEO of Bottino’s ShopRite Supermarkets he led his family through the bad times and enabled them to enjoy the good times. He shaped the very culture of Bottino’s organization.