Each year of this annual event we have amazing stories of those who participate and support our event, including a man in his 60s walk the course with a cane, in honor of his wife, who had just lost her battle to cancer.  Although one of the last people to finish, he completed the entire course! And that is the spirit this event is all about. So please slow down for one day in your hectic life, bring the husband, the wife and kids, and your friends out for a day of fun that also helps raise money to help cancer survivors in our area.

Unfortunately, almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by this horrible disease. We appreciate your consideration to help us make a difference in local cancer care. Perhaps just think of it like one of our volunteers says, “it is the one day I do something that makes me feel really good.”

Please visit our web site at www.njmudrun.com to register or just make a donation to our cause.

Yours truly,

Bill Bottino, Jr,
Bill Bottino Cancer Foundation